Tips for Linux beginners before switching


Back in 2013 due to the policy changes at the place I used to work, we all shifted our PCs from Windows to Ubuntu. Initially it was a nightmare. I couldn’t do anything at all. I had to keep searching for tips and tricks for the problem that I encounter while Using ubuntu. Here I’m […]

New Categories Introduced at Udemy


Udemy is undoubtedly is the largest video based e-learning provider right now. I have been teaching at Udemy for last three months and the amount of passive income it could generate is really awesome. One of the problems I used have had over Udemy was that they don’t offer comprehensive categories. Sometimes you will see […]

Android One – An Android Mobile for $100


Google I/O 2014 was once again kicked started with introduction of some awesome line of products. Interestingly one of the products which got highlighted was the new mobile phone named “Android One”. Google’s Sundar Pichai has unveiled the product during the Google I/O 2014 keynote. As usual year after year, Google is pushing their products […]

Five Awesome Google Search Tips You Should Know


Google Search Engine is a massive tool. You must know how to tame and make use of a beast. Let me layout some of the awesome Google Search Tips that you will help you to filter and get exactly what you want from Google Search Engine. OR If you are a developer then you know about […]

fiverr introduces new rating system


As a human being we all tend to resist changes. But in the world we live in, the changes are inevitable. fiverr has introduced a new advance (??) rating system recently which caused a bit of turmoil among fiverr community, especially the sellers. Do you really think that the new fiverr rating system is fair for […]

10 Things to remember if you want to make money online


I know it’s tempting and you would think making money online is a piece of cake. You may also think that you can do it real quick. With more than 5 years of experience in internet marketing and blogging, I can say that it’s not going to happen over the night. If you want to be successful […]

Why I don’t use GoDaddy?


People often ask me why I don’t use GoDaddy. There are two reasons. I don’t like the way they force things into our shopping cart I didn’t like what their CEO did. Aren’t you aware what their CEO did? Well watch the video below. it shows it all. This is aka “godaddy elephant controversy”

New Dialog Mobile Broadband Packages

New Dialog mobile broadband packages are released by Dialog. These new dialog mobile broadband packages (Data) range from 6GB package to 16 GB package. Found these package details on their Facebook fan page. Unlike older packages, here these packages have data limit shared among day time and night-time. For example if you take 6GB package, […]